Try It Out -- Chapter 11, Lesson 4: Solve Problems by Making a Model

Carson is making chocolate-covered bars. The surface area of the bars will determine how much chocolate he needs. Each bar is a rectangular prism 6 cm by 2 cm by 1 cm. What is the surface area of a bar?

Order the steps of Carson’s solution.

He sums the areas of the faces.
He calculates the area of each face of the model.
He makes a model of a bar using centimetre cubes. The model is a rectangular prism.


What is Carson’s first step?


What is his second step?


What is his third step?

Numeric Response


How many square centimetre cubes does Carson need to make his model?



What is the volume of the model?  ______ cm3



What is the surface area of the model?  ______ cm2


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