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Lesson 6 - Creating Cube Structures from Drawings


To encourage your child to have fun on the Web while learning about Creating Cube Structures from Drawings , here are some games and interactive activities they can do on their own or in pairs.



Create cube structures based on an isometric drawing.


Builds Upon

Student Book pages 336-337


Instructions for Use


Building Houses lets your child build top, back, front, and side views of cube structures.

To use Building Houses, click on one of the figures at the left of the applet. The top, right and left view will appear in the example boxes. There are two ways to copy the example. One is to click on the 'Build' radio button to add cubes to the workspace at the right of the applet. Build on to the cubes to copy the example. The other method is to click on the 'Break Down' radio button and click the 'Fill Up' button. Click on the cubes to remove any that are not needed to make a copy of the example.

When the example is completed, move the object to see the top , back, front, and side views of cube structure. Try another figure.


Cubes lets your child determine the volume of a box by manipulating and enumerating unit cubes, rows of unit cubes, or layers of unit cubes.

To use Cubes, click on one of the three buttons with the picture of a shape to add a cube, add a row of cubes, or add a layer of cubes inside of the box. To undo a choice, click the 'Remove Last' button. To start over, press the 'Clear ' button. To adjust the size of the box by changing the width, depths, or height fields, click on the 'Change Box' button. To fold the sides of the box in position, click on a side; click again to fold the side to its original position.